Our Philosophy: was founded as a site to educate companion animal owners. We want to educate you about how to feed, house, love, and nurture your companion animal. This site has been created to be a book on-line, with multiple ways to access the information depending on how you are analyzing a problem or concern.

We are information and discussion oriented. The products we sell are offered as an aid in healing animals; they offer high quality products specific to the disorder we address in the articles, but we do not claim that they are the only products that might work.

This site discusses disorders or diseases with information on how to treat the disorder. Most of the ways to address your companion's problem(s) are NOT through buying this or that product. Healing is about dealing with all aspects of life: diet, exercise, physical therapy, spiritual health, and nurturing.

We believe that total health employs both Conventional Western Medicine and Alternative or Holistic Healing. We do not provide in-depth discussions about Western Medical Therapies on this web site because of our goal to educate people about holistic therapies.

About Well Vet

This site was first created by Dr. Dave McCluggage. Dr. Dave has a private practice where he uses acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, Western herbal medicine, nutraceutical and functional medicine, and Conventional Western veterinary medicine.


Dr. Dave is an amazing vet that is also very practical and pragmatic! He has never wasted my money and he tells it like it is. He was also Holistic Vet of the Year and doesn't brag about his accomplishments, awards or accolades. He should.

byRob R.

I have been bringing my 2 dogs to Dr. Dave and appreciate very much the time they take to answer my questions about shots, feeding, Neutering, and other holistic measures I might need for my animals. They are always happy to see my babies and are always on time for the appointment that was made. I appreciate the time they take with us.
I love my doggies MacGregor Elliott and Stetson the Duke!

byKellie Rarick

Dr.McCluggage has been my family's vet for years. He helped us with our dog's final few weeks and made him much more comfortable than other vets we took him to. He didn't pressure us to euthanize him right away either. Now that I have cats of my own, I go to him. He is much more affordable than other vets and tries to keep pets off medication as much as possible in my experience. He usually has herbs or other less invasive solutions that work well. His suggestions helped our dog with joint pain and my cats with their chronic diarrhea. I love that he doesn't rack me up an enormous bill, but we still get to the bottom of whatever problem is facing my animals. You can also tell that he really loves his job and as a bonus, he is a fun person to chat with.

byJessica Bennett

It’s a wonderful clinic and Dr. McCluggage has a lot of information to share with you once you’re there. He will answer all of your questions and give you all the possibilities as well as share his own personal viewpoint. I feel that I’ll get an honest trusted answer each time I got a question that most other vets will try to avoid and give me politically correct answers, Dr. McCluggage gives his honest opinion, if you ask for it. Their days and hours are limited but that’s understandable since the Doc is not in his 20s and I just feel grateful I’ve found a vet that I can trust.

byNa'ama Samoha-DeVivo

Dr. Dave has taken great care of our two dogs. Louie was an overweight 12-year-old mixed breed with a torn ACL,. Dr. Dave gave us an effective weight loss diet for Louie and treated him with acupuncture. Louie's pain and limp disappeared in a matter of a few weeks. When we adopted an overweight 5-year-old beagle, the diet Dr. Dave recommended for Louie helped Remington drop 12 lbs. in short order. I can't say enough good about Dr. Dave and his staff.

byAnn Cairns

Dr Dave takes time with his patients and explains things very well!

byClair Burnell

Dr.Dave is amazing!

byRafaela Abernathy

Fabulous holistic vet.

byAlison Trotman

Dr. Dave and his staff are amazing! He spent a very good amount of time with us during our first appointment, was very thorough, and detailed about my dogs'. We have since been back for several different appointments and could not be happier we have found Dr. Dave!!! He is, hands down, the best vet I have worked with. I have referred him to some friends out of state, and he's helped a dog who had very little success in treating incredibly severe allergies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
PS -- to the reviewer that gave them a low rating because YOU missed your appointment, how about having some courtesy and calling to cancel. You expect them to be considerate of your situation, but how about being considerate of their time as well.

byBridget Murphy

Dr. David McCluggage is the only vet I've found in the area to provide puppy shots with just Distemper & Parvo. Most vets give a 4 way combo - which to me is just crazy.
They are taking new patients and they come highly recommended.

byMargo Fournier

First vet that doesn't treat my pup's chronic ear infections out of a textbook. Not every ear infection can be treated with 10 days of antibiotics, rinse repeat. Dr. Dave builds a treatment plan specifically for my boy.

byDanielle Cook