Ear Infections and Deep Ear Cleaning Solutions

To be used for the treatment of external ear canal infections, wax build-up, otitis externa, and similar disorders of the outer ear canal and ear flap ("Pinna").

Ear infections, increased wax build-up, ear mites, yeast infections, allergic reactions all produce pain and a build-up of wax and debris in the external ear canal. Many of these external ear canal (otitis externa) become chronic difficult problems to manage. Some seem to be so incurable that surgery to remove the ear canal (making the animal mostly deaf, by the way) is often recommended as a "last resort" to cure the problem.

We believe that most, if not all of these ear infections can be treated successfully. The first step is to learn how to effectively clean out the wax and debris from the external ear canal. This product, along with the Foaming Ear Cleanser is the most effective way we have found for animal caretakers to clean out the ear at home effectively.

WellVet.com Dog's Ear Canal Diagram

Anatomy of the Ear Canal Note how deep the canal is and how you can easily pack wax and debris into the bottom of the canal using cotton swabs. This Foaming Cleaner will remove the wax (in conjunction with the Flushing and Drying Lotion) without the need to use cotton swabs. You can use cotton balls to clean any wax and debris you see at the opening of the canal and the ear itself.

Once the wax and debris have been successfully removed, you can then apply medications that will really work as they can now come in contact with the inflamed skin of the outer ear canal.

After the ear is cleaned, you can then use the medications prescribed by your veterinarian. The best ear cleaning solution:

  • DO NOT have alcohol
  • DO NOT have chlorhexidine or nolvasan
  • DO act as a lubricant to gently wash away the waxy debris
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